International liquid transport is to the time of TANK CONTAINER.

In international liquid transport, a drum and a tanker to the Tank container is in use.The traffic per one container was also restricted compared with the tank containerand the drum was high-costandhad a problem of abandonment(80 drums - about 16 tons). 

There is much quantity per time as a 100-ton unit, and the tanker did not fit transportation of several 10-ton unit. TANK CONTAINER is in use as a means of transport replaced with them in recent years. About 20 TONS shipping can be performed per one tank container, and transportation of the DOOR-DOOR in the world is realized.

Since it washes after discharging contents, and it can be used in an export destination repeatedly, it is low cost and has become the means of transport which also considered environment.

FTL is Specialist of Tank Container Operation!

As specialist of Tank Container operation, we guarantee liquid transport being professional, such as a chemistry article, petroleum products, and food, and convey it safely and certainly.
Popularity is gained from many customers in the world, and there are many track records.

FTL’s Tank Container is an ISO Container with quality and high safety!

Tank Container which our company owns is using the container with high safety built based on the international standard (ISO standard).
Since the international shipment standard is met, the transportation in the world including Japan is possible.


Tankmaster Co., Ltd (Technical Partner):

FTL supports a customer’s global corporate activity!

The network of the overseas agency of our company all over the world is employed efficiently, a customer’s global corporate activity is supported, and clear service is provided.